Wool Felt Credit Card Holder

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Do you ever search for that spare change on the bottom of your bag? Well, this coin purse is for you! Holds credit cards too, so grab it and go to the store—perfectly sized to fit into the back pocket of your jeans or coat. Vibrant colors makes locating in a larger bag a snap! Pair it with a wristlet and you have the perfect accessories for date night!

I take great pride in making each bag by hand, but the functionality is always first and foremost in my designs. The material is German Wool Felt. Why? Because like many natural fibers it is durable, repels water and cleans easily and lets not forget to mention the fabulous color choices! When wool is dyed the color is absorbed to the core of each fiber resulting in rich, gorgeous, vibrant color, need I say more?! Now lets talk hardware—squeeze the two ends together and the coin purse opens, release and it's shut! No more fumbling with zippers—Life is Good!

I "test drive" each and every design that I make. I use my Lime Green coin purse everyday for my ID and credit cards. I love that I can see it in my handbag and can grab it quickly when I need it. Every few weeks I take a lint roller to take off any dirt. I use the masking tape kind—nothing fancy, and it does the job. If there is a stain, I spot clean with a mild detergent. Super easy maintenance.

COLOR: Magenta

SIZE: 3.5" x 4.75"

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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