Catchall Bowls


These bowls are fantastic for just about everything! Here are some examples of how I use them in my own home:

Catchall - My sunglasses, keys, odds and ends are all in one place so I never have to go searching for them.

Knitting bowl: I love to knit, so this is a perfect size for my smaller knitting projects and I can easily take it from room to room.

Remote control bowl: We have a remote control for just about everything in our living room — TV, Roku, Cable, DVD Player, Surround Sound to name a few. They all sit comfortably in the bowl so no more "where's the remote?"

Cards and Poker Chips bowl: Whether we are having a friendly game of double solitaire or poker party with friends I'm never scrambling to find the playing cards. They are all neatly contained in my game bowl.

Each bowl is made from an environmentally friendly man-made 4mm thick felt. The reason for THIS felt in lieu of wool felt is that you can actually put it in the washer on gentle cycle and it won't go through a "felting" process. The bowl is incredibly lightweight but STURDY because of its design. Marine grade rivets hold together a pleat creating its soft shape and gives the bowl is rugged strength.

Color: Wedgewood

Size: Approximately 7 inches in Diameter and 3 inches in Height

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